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Understanding Policy Conditions

In understanding 'Policy Conditions' it is first important that you carefully read all insurance documents provided to you before cover commences. All insurance products contain policy conditions, often referred to as General Conditions and/or Conditions Precedent to the Liability of

Labour Only vs Bona-Fide Subcontractor

One of the most common questions we are asked, when discussing Liability Insurance quotes, is "what's the difference between a Labour-Only and Bona-Fide Subcontractor?". Hopefully, the following will give you a brief understanding on the differences, so that you can

Insurance Markets not impressed by latest Ogden Rate review

The latest Ogden Rate review has now been completed, and the results have not impressed the Insurance markets, with premium increases becoming immediately necessary across all classes of insurance business (specifically where your liability towards others is an element of

Disclosure of Incidents without Claim

Following the introduction of the 'Fair Presentation of Risk' requirement of the Insurance Act 2015 (replacing the 'Duty of Disclosure' condition applicable under the former Marine Insurance Act 1906), clients are now starting to query why they must make a