Personal Accident Insurance

Are you paying more than you should for your Personal Accident insurance? Do you even have Personal Accident insurance?

Arranging insurance cover to protect your weekly income, should you be unable to work through Injury or Illness, can appear over-complicated. This is why we, at Hall Commercial, will guide you through the process to achieve the widest cover available at a reasonable cost.

Personal Accident Insurance is suitable for:

  • Employers looking to provide cover for their work force
  • Employees looking to protect their salaried income
  • Self Employed Persons looking to cover their Household Bills etc should they be unable to work

Available covers for your income protection include:

  • Death Benefit
  • Capital Sums Benefit – i.e. a lump sum payment in respect of Loss of Limb, Loss of Sight etc; can be extended to include Continental Scale Benefits – i.e. a lump payment in respect of partial loss of limb, loss of finger or toe, loss of sight in one eye, loss of hearing in one ear etc.
  • Accident Benefit – a weekly benefit payable in the event of Temporary Disablement from ‘usual’ occupational duties; can be extended to include Illness / Sickness Benefit – a weekly benefit payable in the event of Temporary Disablement from ‘usual’ occupational duties as a result of an extended period of illness.
  • Critical Illness – Personal Accident & Illness policies only provide cover for up to 2 years max, whereas a Critical Illness policy can provide cover from 2 years and beyond, for long term illnesses)
  • Business Travel (extension to Group Personal Accident policies, where you are looking to cover key-employees whilst travelling abroad on business)
  • Kidnap & Ransom – a stand-alone policy, or as an extension to Business Travel, for those employees travelling regularly to ‘medium’ to ‘high’ conflict risk countries, or countries know to have anti-western ideologies.