Property Owners Insurance

Are you paying more than you should for your Landlord or Property Owners insurance? Placing insurance for any property can be somewhat complicated, which is why Hall Commercial has access to a wide range of specialist Property Owners insurance products that can be tailored to meet or exceed the requirements of any Landlord.

Suitable for:

  • Blocks of Flats
  • Commercial Landlords
  • Office Blocks
  • Property &/or Estate Managers (those responsible for arranging the insurance for their clients)
  • Residential Landlords
  • Residents Associations
  • Unoccupied Properties (in probate, or pending sale, conversion or new tenant/s)

Core Covers

  • Buildings
  • Loss of Rent
  • Property Owners Liability

Additional covers available:

  • Business Interruption – gives wider cover than just Loss of Rent, including
    – Denial of Access – following an incident nearby (such as road closure following fire or criminal act)
    – Local Authority closure – following an outbreak of Contagious Human Diseases or Food Poisoning at the property
    – Alternative Residential Accommodation – provides cover for the increased/additional costs incurred by residential tenants/occupants during repairs to the property (if the property is rendered uninhabitable by an insured event);
  • Commercial Legal Protection ­­- including Employment Disputes & Compensation Awards, HMRC Tax Investigations, Debt Recovery and Contract Disputes
  • Damage caused by Emergency Services attending your property – such as damage caused to safeguard human life or prevent the spread of fire, or damage by the fire brigade to landscaped grounds etc
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability – accusations against individual Directors, or Seniors Managers of the business, of alleged or actual negligent management of the property, can be extended to include
    – Employment Practices Liability – employment disputes or accusations of alleged or actual mismanagement of company employment practices (e.g. race, sex or religious discrimination)
  • Employers’ Liability – a statutory requirement for almost all Incorporated Firms, as well as for those properties with PAYE employees such as Gardeners, Caretakers and live-in Managers
  • Engineering Inspection Service – to comply with legislation regarding provision and safe use of Lifting and/or Pressure equipment (such as Passenger or Goods Lifts, Back-up Generators, Common/Shared Heating Systems or Air Conditioning equipment)
  • Environmental Impairment Liability – providing cover against the cost of sudden or gradual leakage of pollutants at your property (by your Tenant) for which you are legally responsible.
  • Landlord’s Contents – including Kitchen White Goods, Carpets, Curtains, Soft Furnishings etc. Can be extended to include Landlord’s furniture if property is occupied as “furnished”. Can also be extended to include
    – Contents of Communal Areas (such as Hallways, reception areas etc)
  • Landlord’s Domestic Appliance – if you provide Kitchen White Goods for use by your residential tenants, this policy will provide cover against mechanical or electrical breakdown of said items, and replace insured items should it/they be beyond economic repair.
  • Landlord’s Home Emergency (Residential Properties only)– includes call out charges, emergency repair to hot water and heating systems, infestation by pests/vermin, compromised security of the property etc.
  • Landlord’s Legal Protection – includes covering legal costs of Eviction, Repossession etc
  • Terrorism – covers the physical or financial consequences of damage resulting from a Terrorist Attack to the building or neighbouring area.